Do you ever suffer from this nagging feeling of guilt due to inadequacy, stagnation, mediocrity and generally failing in your worship of Allah? Realise that this is the Mercy of Allah.

When we’re busy wasting our lives away in useless past-times, it’s only because of the undeserved love Allah has for us that we feel guilty and begin to hold ourselves to account. Instead of Allah (may He be glorified), punishing us and removing us far from His mercy because of the acts we commit, He instead plants a thought in our minds that lead us back to our true purpose. Subhan Allah. If us mere humans are wronged we would be quick to anger and quick to punishment yet we hold no true power. Allah subhaanahu wa ta’ala on the other hand, forgives and guides and safeguards us when we wrong Him in the worst ways though He holds all power & might to requite us for our wrongdoings.

  “Guilt after committing a sin is a blessing from Allah. Do not betray your conscience. Allah gave you an alarm system. Do not disable it.” – Dr Bilal Philips 

The point of this blog post is not to ignore even the smallest signs that Allah sends us for our guidance. Whether it is in the form of feeling guilty for not having read and pondered over the Qur’an in a long time or simply your internet crashing before you’re about to waste time watching a movie… If Allah willed He could leave you to your own devices and it would not affect Him in the slightest but it would only lead to your destruction.


Astaghfirullah ya Rabbi




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